A Mature Place After

People are telling us that the COVID-19 pandemic is “over.” They are telling us we all need “to get back to normal.” That we need to just move on.

This is very very wrong!

As the pandemic winds down (thank God!), it is not something to be dismissed. It is a monumental event in human history and it deserves a mature response. It deserves respect — NOT praise, NOT fetishization, NOT anything pleasant mind you — it deserves a solemn life monument that pays respect to all the people who died, all the friends and family who are suffering, all the health that’s been damaged, all the sacrifices given, all the heroic efforts front-line workers made.

It changed us, good or bad, it changed us.

Things are NOT “going back to normal.” Things will be different. How we navigate the future will be different. Millions of people around the world were wiped out. Things will be much, much different.

So this horrid, disgusting ‘movement’ — this attempt to dismiss it all, to normalize it all, to abandon it all — this selfish, selfish movement by selfish, selfish people (the very same selfish people who made the pandemic a million-times more lethal than it should of been) needs to be condemned!

The people who made the pandemic the absolute worst it could be do not get the luxury to say at the end of it that they are glad to get their conveniences back. Their disgraceful childishness cost us all and deserves no reward.

They ruined the world, they ruined lives… all for their ‘conveniences.’

For the rest of us who did the right things when and how we could, the pandemic will forever be a sad milestone in our lives. It will be a tragedy we journeyed together. There’s no celebration at the end. There’s loss and heartbreak we will never forget.

We did the decent thing. We thought of others. We tried to save lives. We only wish we could’ve done more.

The pandemic is now a stain upon humanity that is never going to come out. We wear it mournfully, and we gently “move on” wearing it forever.

We now have a somber maturity that, even though it came to us by horrible means, is a maturity nonetheless.

The pandemic is a scar we all bear, and we must tell its story as battle weary adults to prevent children from making the same immature mistakes.

Maturity and wisdom — they cultivate each other. They improve us.



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Jerry James

Jerry James

husband, father, RN, music lover, kindness fan