Disarming Selfishness

There is selfishness and there is weaponized selfishness.

Weaponized selfishness is when people bully others to join in worship of selfishness in order to terrorize those who don’t. Weaponized selfishness is the targeted assault of bigotry and ignorance upon decent humanity.

Weaponized selfishness is obviously the modus operandi of aggressive cults — cults of prejudice such as racism, Christian fundamentalism, Trump fascists, white supremacy, right wing media, conspiracy theorists, and so on.

The past four years have exhaustingly subjected us to an enormously hideous and sick parade of weaponized selfishness with its never-ending flood of lying and gaslighting all focused on spinning false equivalencies and faux victimhood. It’s all quite empty and none of it seems to make any sense, but logic isn’t important to its troll subscribers — it just has to incite fear and anger. And while its adolescent spectrum of acting out covers a lot of absurdities, it’s the things like a silly, last-minute GED congresswoman posing with a cartoonish amount of assault rifles or religious fundamentalists sponsoring an insurrection where the danger and lethality are increasingly proven real.

The fringe has invaded the center. Will it be left untreated to kill the healthy body with another variant in the long line of social cancers? Will there be a deadly Nazi24 virus?

Keep in mind throughout history, the toxicity of weaponized selfishness has been in direct correlation to its vandalism of its kidnapped symbols (for example the more fear and anger a cultist promotes while hiding behind a cross, the more empty and ignorant they are of what the cross means — of Jesus and his teachings). Thus sabotaged symbols, like American democracy, also become victims, just as a virus mimics its host to become the host.

So, though President Biden may have made the correct diagnosis about America’s existential crisis, does he understand this pathology? And does he need to?

Here’s the good thing: the cure remains the same whether the disease is understood or not.

So how do we cure it?

There are a number of methods and they all work best in concert.

The first is what President Biden is doing right now: not giving weaponized selfishness oxygen. Biden has been ignoring the noise of Trump, not the criminal actions mind you, but the noise.

You can see an incredible downtick in the hysteria of weaponized selfishness since Trump left the White House and has been kicked off social media. He is very much still alive, but he’s been temporarily muzzled. This is important because of the next method of cure: fact-checking.

Fact-checking can be overwhelmed by weaponized selfishness initially, but it always catches up. Diligently sticking to facts and truth pays off in the long run — quality over quantity. The success of Trumpism has been very much due to non-stop lying — not allowing fact-checking to get a handhold. However, the lies progressively become weaker and weaker in holding back facts. The truth eventually bursts through. A lot of damage can be done before this happens though, thus in combination with the muzzling of the noise, the release of fact-check truth has been greatly freed up and (hallelujah!) accountability is able to step in.

And while less noise and freedom of truth are indispensable, the most powerful method is to frame everything in kindness and empathy.

The Golden Rule disarms weaponized selfishness.

There is not much to explain other than that. Kindness obviously makes weaponized selfishness impotent. Weaponized selfishness runs on fear and hate and when you deny those narratives then real life shines through.

This is why you see weaponized selfishness always attacking kindness with lots and lots of gaslighting — attempting to make truth, decency and honor feel guilty with a constant barrage of reverse-psychological blame. It is an insane, confusing tactic to normal people which is why it buys time for terrorists. Gaslighting might be a propaganda weapon of increasing use, but along with that increase is better recognition and understanding of it.

The concert of these cures is becoming clearer. Weaponized selfishness deals in large quantities of fear, counterfeit outrage, and victimhood. So quiet these any way you can, fact-check them like crazy, and frame it all in kindness. This is how you disarm the terrorism.

It takes stoic strength and fortitude, but the cruelty of the selfish is based in weakness and deceit. It can be conquered.



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Jerry James

Jerry James

husband, father, RN, music lover, kindness fan